[sane-devel] devfsd

Robert Stanford rob@rotapile.com
Wed, 12 Dec 2001 09:08:07 +1000

> According to Sane's ChangeLog file, I added at 2001-01-07 support for
> devfs (more precisely, to sanei_scsi_find_devices). I am not 100% sure,
> if this means before or after the release of Sane 1.0.3, but I think
> that the 1.0.3 release is somewhat older. And the functions added by
> Doug Gilbert to support "out of order" /dev/sg* numbering also try to
> access devfs files.

Hmm, the problem here is with symlinks and their permissions.

> Right, this sounds like a problem in the configuration of devfs.

Hard to say, the same devfs works dandy with sane 1.0.3, I'm only having
the problem with 1.0.6. I stumbled upon a thread on the kernel mailing list
about devfs and there was debate over whether programs should check the
state of the symlinks (which sane 1.0.6 seems to do) or whether devfs
should be changed to make symlinks the same as all others lrwxrwxrwx.
Its at
Ive tried changing the config for devfsd so that the node has rwxrwxrwx
however this doesnt change things for the symlink. The above  thread is
pretty old but it seems the devfsd developer is pretty adamant about not
changing this situation, he seems to think (rudely) that if a program is
checking the perms on a symlink then it must be broken.

Robert Stanford