[sane-devel] Fwd: need help with sane

love groover ranito@airtel.net
Wed, 12 Dec 2001 22:38:45 +0100

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Subject: need help with sane
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 21:51:57 +0100
From: love groover <ranito@airtel.net>

hellp my name is andy egan and i have recently bought a hp2200c scanner.
my problem is the sane doesnt regonize it.
i have suse7.1 kernel 2.4 and it is a usb scanner
i have configured a hp printer usb also on linux  but the scanner no
i began by doing  a cat /proc/bus/usb/devices and i get that my scanner is there
it tells me that its vendor=03f0 and product=0605
then i do a modprobe scanner vendor=03f0 product=0605 and it tells me sometimes
only that the 'f' in the vendor is bad.and sometimes no.
if it doesnt tell me it is bad i then do a 
cat /proc/bus/usb/drivers  and it sees the the scanner as it should.
then according to the sane homepage i check to see if i have permission to use
it and i have and i also edit the /etc/sane.d/hp.conf  file and it is as follows

option connect-device

i have also edited the /etc/rc.config file to add
as i was told in the suse manual.
and after all this the xsane program tells me that it doesnt see a scanner

as i am not very good with linux at the moment i would appreciate help.

i have also noticed that in one of the computers i have in the lan that it
tells me  the following after i try the   modprobe scanner vendor=03f0
"USB DEVICE 2 (vend/prod 0x3f0/0x605 is not claimed by ant active driver)"
if anyone could help me with the problem i would be very happy.
i want to begin to scan and use gimp to play with the pictures.
a detailed setup and configuring would be great.
thanks in advanced
Andy Egan