[sane-devel] change of status for 0x0458, 0x2007 :) :)

Tasnim Ahmed tahmed@softpaksys.com
Thu, 13 Dec 2001 21:31:37 +0500


PLUSTEK USB backend.(LM983x)

I finally got enough time to test KYE Genius ColorPage HR6-V2 aka
Vendor=0x0458, Product=0x2007
but I did not had slides / negatives available to test those features.

Color and Grayscale modes are working fine, xscanimage works fine, xcam had
some issues, aborting in the middle. GIMP plugin was deactivated by
./configure, the cause (I think) must be missing gimp-devel package.

The system was a vanila Mandrake 8.1 and post 2.4.5 kernels don't load my
motorola modem drivers cuz of some malloc replacements in newer kernels.
( so soon I'll test it under RedHat 7.0 as well with 2.4.5 .

The words, "Not tested" can be removed from the device list in front of this
device :)

Tasnim Ahmed