[sane-devel] LM983x driver next round...

Jaeger, Gerhard g.jaeger@earthling.net
Thu, 13 Dec 2001 22:32:52 +0100

And me again...

well, build 12 of the LM983x stuff is available. The HP2200c should 
now be supported in a much better way, thanx to Stefan.
The Plustek OpticPro UT12 is now fully functional. The UT24
will work, but produces some bluish pictures. The Genius
scanner has also been reported to work and I have a positive
feedback for the OpticPro U12.
The USB operations are now somewhat faster and a memory
problem has been fixed...

Gene Heskett is currently working on the support for the
Epson Perfection 1250, the only thing that works here is the

Again, thanks to all of you guy who are helping in making this stuff