[sane-devel] umax 1220P - cabling issue?

stef stef-listes@wanadoo.fr
Sat, 15 Dec 2001 07:48:55 +0100

On Fri, Dec 14, 2001 at 02:00:19PM -0600, sane@bob-n.com wrote:
> I have a umax astra 1220P parallel port scanner.  Kernell info:
> Linux trc2.bob-n.com 2.4.16 #3 Thu Dec 13 21:14:10 CST 2001 i686 unknown
> Running on rehat 7.2, kernel upgraded from www.kernel.org
> I've got sane 1.06, with the umax_pp patch umax1220p-2.5.
> When I probe the scanner I get:
> # /usr/local/src/sane-backends-1.0.6/tools/umax_pp -p -t 1
> [sanei_debug] Setting debug level of umax_pp_low to 1.
> [umax_pp_low] Using /proc info
> [umax_pp_low] Using /dev/parport0 ...
> UMAX 1220P scanning program version 2.5 starting ...
> Probing scanner ....
> [umax_pp_low] Found 0x18 expected 0x00  (umax_pp_low.c:4331)
> [umax_pp_low] UMAX Astra 1220/1600/2000 P ASIC detected (mode=7)
> [umax_pp_low] Unexpected value for for register 0x0D, expected 0x00 or
> 0x40, got 0x18 ! (umax_pp_low.c:4402)
> [umax_pp_low] EPPRegisterRead, found 0xFF expected 0x00
> (umax_pp_low.c:4493)
> [umax_pp_low] *** It appears that EPP data transfer doesn't work    ***
> [umax_pp_low] *** Please read SETTING EPP section in sane-umax_pp.5 ***
> I've already set the parallel port to EPP 1.7 in the BIOS.
> Anyone have any ideas on this?

	Failure to use EPP mode is the most common issue with the umax_pp backend.
It yet unclear to me if the problem comes from the ppdev device, the backend itself,
or both.

	I'm afraid that the problem comes from the warning regarding 'register 0x0D',
which means that the backend couldn't set properly the epat C7 chip. I think i'll
have to have a look at some kernel drivers that use this chip to understand what
really happens.

	In one case, changing motherboard cured the problem. In another, giving
explicitly the parport parameters in modules.conf (instead of 'auto' values) also
cured it.

	One thing that may be worth trying, is to build the backend with no ppdev
support (by undefining HAVE_LINUX_PPDEV_H in include/sane/config.h). The backend will
fall back to direct I/O and so will have to be run with root's priviledges.


> One SPECIFIC question:  wil this work with any db25 to db25 cable that
> carries all the pins or do I need some special cable (ieee 1284?)?
> - Bob Niederman
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