[sane-devel] RFC: New sanei_pv8630 interface

Marcio Luis Teixeira marciot@holly.colostate.edu
Sun, 16 Dec 2001 17:34:56 -0700

> The only (not very important) issue: Keep an eye on readability and
> code style (see doc/backend-writing.txt). I'm not counting spaces or
> tabs but the position of "{" should be constant at least in one file.

Is there any way to get XEmacs (not GNUEmacs) to do the "right
thing"? I've tried playing around with the configuration screen
for the C mode, but I can't get "Indent line or region"  to convert
the text into the correct form.

Anyhow, if anyone has a ".emacs" file that does the right thing
with XEmacs, please let me know.


Marcio Luis Teixeira