[sane-devel] New test version of microtek2 backend

Karsten Festag karsten.festag@t-online.de
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 17:08:23 +0100

Hi folks
I made a whole lot of changes to the microtek2 backend (see

Especially ADF users should test if the frontend gets now
SANE_STATUS_NO_DOCS rather than an I/O error in case of an empty ADF.
And X12 users should  give that version a try. Please use the following
microtek2.conf file:

option dump 2
option strip-height 14
# option lightlid-35 on
option lineart-autoadjust on
option toggle-lamp on
option no-backtrack-option on
option backend-calibration on
# option colorbalance-adjust on
scsi * * Scanner
# or
# /dev/sgx
# where sgx is your scanner device

In you frontend please  --disable--  the option 'no-backtracking' ; if
you use scanimage:

scanimage --no-backtracking=no .......  does the trick.


Karsten Festag