[sane-devel] Shall I forget Sane for my Prisa 620S with its Acard?

Dan Jacobson jidanni@yam.com.tw
22 Dec 2001 20:09:36 +0800

Subject: Re: [sane-devel] Prisa 620S just clicking

>>>>> "S" == Steffen Kluge <kluge@fujitsu.com.au> writes:

S> Hi,
S> I'm using a Prisa 620ST. It works quite well, though not perfect yet.
S> I had a lot of trouble in the beginning, most of which I attribute
S> to SCSI controller and sg driver.

S> Early versions of the sg didn't work well with any buffer size setting.
S> As of version 3.something the problems mostly went away. 

S> The SCSI controller bundled with the scanner (Acard) didn't work at
S> all, though it works in Windows. An Adaptec AHA1542B I tried didn't

Hmmm, that means I would have to open up the computer and replace the
Acard card... Is this another case of a manufacturer with a
non-disclosure agreement with microsoft, etc. causing the Sane staff
to be unable to write software to operate it?   Or does the Acard go
by the standards, but has internal errors that microsoft allows for,
but strict Sane does not?

I suppose I could
1) fire up "win98" when I want to scan something. my current solution.
2) go the many kilometers into the big city to find the hardware to
make it work with linux.

if i had it working under linux, then i could contribute ideas,
comments to the sane project.

however, i am too lazy to leave my hilltop hideaway home.

is there any chance soon that someone will write software to help with
my acard, or is it too small a problem in terms of people affected?

does a linux solution seem near, or is it a harder problem like

if it is hopeless, tell me and I'll just fire up "win98" [a "frontend"
in my mind].

S> work reliably. The AHA2940 works alright with both versions of the
S> aic7xxx driver, but I still get I/O timeouts every once in a while.

S> On a whole, the 620ST/AHA2940 combo is very useable (and useful) with
S> sane (version 1.0.4).
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