[sane-devel] plustek

David McGlone dmcglone@ameritech.net
Sun, 23 Dec 2001 10:11:24 -0500

Hello everyone, 

I have a plustek 9636P parallel scanner, and running RH 7.2. I have removed 
all sane from my system and downloaded the sane-backends 1.0.6, sane 
frontends 1.0.6 and the newest xsane. I have also downloaded the 

I have installed sane over a darn million times and I can't seem to get my 
scanner working.

here's what I did as per the instructions.
I installed sane-backends 1.0.6 then I moved the plustek-module to the 
backend/plustek_driver and unpackaged it and did "make all" the as root "make 

ok at this point everything should be set to go, the instructions say to 
"make load", I do this and nothing happens, no light comes on, but when I do 
insmod pt_drv the light comes on.

fine, I figure either way should work.

now I install the sane-frontends 1.0.6 and the latest xsane.

now scanner seems to be working, except xsane does not find it!
so I resort to "sane-find-scanner" and still nothing. so I try scanimage -L 
and still nothing.

can I please get some help here, I have installed and uninstalled and 
manually removed sane from all dirrectories and installed even more on both 
SuSE 7.1 and RH 7.2 with SuSE running the newest 2.4.16 kernel and RH running 
the 2.4.7-10 kernel.

overall problem, I can get the scanner light on, but nothing else.

Note: If problem is distro specific, I prefer suggestions for the RH machine.

David M.