[sane-devel] an [off-topic?] question: Acer ScanWit 2720S

Max Ushakov ushakov@mccme.ru
Mon, 31 Dec 2001 12:58:24 +0300


I am going to buy an Acer ScanWit 2720S film scanner and so I
have some strange questions. Please do not get angry if this is
a severe off-topic here.

First, I know that there is currently no SANE backend for
ScanWit. Does anybody do any work to build one?

Does anybody know of some software to support this scanner? I
already know of Vuescan, but that's not Open Source :-)

And last, a stupid question. If I buy such a scanner, make it
work with Vuescan, and do a full dump of SCSI dialog during
scan, or multiple scans -- will it help me or somebody to make
at least some open source support for ScanWit? Or this is too
hard, or this is ``reverse engineering'' and so unlawful, or

ScanWit is (according to the Net) an excellent scanner,
especially for the price, and it is a pity there is no support
for it...

Happy New Year, and sorry for possible off-topic,

Max Ushakov <ushakov@mccme.ru>