[sane-devel] Memorex 6120P chips etc.

Pierre Abbat phma@oltronics.net
Sat, 21 Jul 2001 23:19:30 -0400

I have the scanner. I removed the panel from the bottom and found a board 10*15
cm with these chips and other components:
Avision 163-54-000005 9748LD042 gullwing package
Two UT61256SC-15 9802 surface-mount DIPs
Avision 112-0009-0 (8534) 9803A BC81E5 18-pin throughhole DIP
National Semiconductor E9742AB LM9811CCV quad J-lead
Texas Instruments 54A20DK HC245 20-pin surface-mount DIP
Assorted resistors, capacitors, diodes, and a toroidal inductor
Nothing on the other side.
Is that enough to go on, or should I open the scanner?

I am running Linux Mandrake and have sane 1.0.3 and sane-devel RPMs from
Mandrake 7.2, and sane, sane-frontends, and sane-backends 1.0.4 (but no
sane-devel) from Mandrake 8.0. Is that good enough to write a driver, or should
I compile from source?