[sane-devel] sane-v4l segmentation fault

Miguelanxo Otero miguelanxotero@hotmail.com
Mon, 23 Jul 2001 15:56:16

I have been trying to get my PCTV card to work with sane.

when I tried to launch "xsane" "xcam" or "xscanimage" the kernel say 
segmentation fault.

The I launch "scanimage --help" and saw that there are two devices 
"v4l:/dev/video" & "v4l:/dev/video", but I only have a card and the 
configuration files dll.conf &
v4l.conf seem to be right.

then i set SANE_DEBUG_DLL to 128 and launch xcam:

miguel@Kosmos3000:~$ xcam
[sanei_debug] Setting debug level of dll to 128.
[dll] adding backend v4l
[dll] loading backend v4l
[dll] dlopen()ing `/usr/lib/sane/libsane-v4l.so.1'
[dll] init: initializing backend `v4l'
[dll] get_option_descriptor(handle=0x80a2a00,option=1)
[dll] get_option_descriptor(handle=0x80a2a00,option=2)
Segmentation fault

is this a bug? Im using kernel 2.4.4 & debian 2.2 (unstable)

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