[sane-devel] xsane-0.79 released

Oliver Rauch oliver.rauch@rauch-domain.de
Tue, 24 Jul 2001 00:10:16 +0200


xsane-0.79 is released.

There have been several small improvements and bug fixes.
The most important news is that a media type (especally for
negatives) can be selected. This is experimental and only
does work correct when a scanner internal gamma table is
available, for color mode there needs to be a gamma table
for each color (red, green, blue).
Take a look at the preferences menu.

It can be downloaded from:


Here is the complete list of changes:

 - added test for lstat in configure/configure.in/config.h.in
 - when lstat is available it is used for testing netscape lock file,
   otherwise stat is used
 - changed order of include lines in xsane-save.c 

 - for OS/2: in xsane_back_gtk_make_path() a colon ":" is replacte by "_"
 - changed last argument of xsane_back_gtk_set_tooltip from char to gchar
 - added function xsane_widget_test_uposition(GtkWidget *gtk_window)
   that does test if gdk_window_get_deskrelative_origin or
   gdk_window_get_root_origin gives the correct positions.
   test is done with "scanning for devices" window.
 - in xsane.c changed #if 1 to #ifdef BUGGY_GTK_TOOLTIPS_SET_COLORS
 - split preview_increment_image_y in ... and preview_test_image_y,
   test is called before a byte is copied into the buffer
 - xsane-preview.c: preview_scan_start: preview image memory is only cleaned for
   single pass mode and 1 pass of 3 pass mode (3 pass preview does work again)
 - mail is sent in subprocess
 - added "MIME-Version: 1.0" to mail header
 - added mail status in mailfile, error messages while sending are stored in this file too
 - aclocal.m4 test for gimp: moved saving of GTK_* to beginning of routine,
   the GTK_* things should be set correct now when gimp-config is not found
 - xsane.h: mail is deactivated when png is not available
 - added preferences menu item "Medium":
   The highlight/shadow/gamma values are defined to the intensity range
   of the selected medium (e.g. agfa negative).
   If possible the analog highlight/shadow function is used,
   if not then the scanner internal digital gamma table is used
   in bot then xsanes internal gamma correction is used.
   When the correct medium is selected it only is necessary to
   do "soft" color corrections. Because of this the 400% values
   in brightness/contrast have been reduced to 100% values now.
   This is a typically range that e.g. also is used by the gimp.
   If someone needs the larger ranges, change the following definitions
   in sane.h:
   #define XSANE_BRIGHTNESS_MIN    -100.0
   #define XSANE_BRIGHTNESS_MAX    100.0
   #define XSANE_CONTRAST_GRAY_MIN -100.0
   #define XSANE_CONTRAST_MIN      -100.0
   #define XSANE_CONTRAST_MAX      100.0
 - moved call xsane_update_counter_in_filename as correction for counter length from
   xsane_start_scan to xsane_scan_dialog (before open command), this way the
   counter also is correct when the file is not transformed (pnm).
 - corrected xsane_update_counter_in_filename: removed some pointer bugs when skipping
   exisiting filenames
 - added test for os2.h to configure/configure.in
 - added set_gimp_PLUG_IN_INFO(&PLUG_IN_INFO); for os2
 - removed "+0.5" in calculation of negative preview gamma table. A gamma value of 1.000 does
   not change the image data any more
 - effective user id is set to real user id in all subprocesses
 - cancel preview does now only call sane_cancel and tests for SANE_STATUS_CANCELLED while
   reading image data.   


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