[sane-devel] DevCom Black Widow 9636 HiRes (SCSI Scanner)

Peter McConnell pmcconne@bigpond.net.au
24 Jul 2001 13:15:49 +1000

On 23 Jul 2001 23:24:48 +0100, Roger L.S. Griffiths BSc (Hons) wrote:
> Hi there,
That is the blackwidow 9636 with the unique 3-d scan head (according to
what pc jan 2000)

I have a webstar 9636 that was sold by Tandy Australia which is a
mustek_pp. I would guess that yours is a mustek scsi. the easiest
way to check is to open it up, which is a relatively simple operation.

If it is a mustek scsi I am sure that someone will be able to tell you how to
set it up.