[sane-devel] Fw: Installing a Mustek 600 III EP Plus

Richard hebertrich@yahoo.com
Fri, 27 Jul 2001 11:08:28 -0400

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Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 11:07:42 -0400
From: Richard <hebertrich@operamail.com>
To: sane-devel@www.mostang.com
Subject: Installing a  Mustek 600 III EP  Plus

the  os  is  RH 7.0 
using Ximian GNOME v 1.4
sane is sane-1.0.3-ximian.2
xsane is xsane-0.75-ximian.2

From the  top . For the last week i been trying to make this Mustek scanner
Status: O

to work. I looked at the documentation and read the  FAQ's too 
I did modify the  mustek_pp.conf file.

Now RH 7 does NOT support the scanner by itself.I been told  that should not 
be a problem .So i went on .
I did try sane-find-scanner now it just says command not found
or file not found.When i try xsane it tries to find a device for it and
reports no devices available.

Now  i read the docs and nothing i seen says for example a scanner 
should be in the  /dev/xyz zone try one of these ( i know  i will have to
symlink /dev/scanner  to the  actual device ) 
Or where this  sane-find-scanner is supposed to be located 
cause a full disk search reported nothing.

Are the Ximian packages different ? 
Is there anything i can do to make this scanner work right ? 

I will be anxiously waiting any comment  or  suggestion to solve this issue.

Best regards 

Richard Hebert


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