[sane-devel] Umax unable to access parallel port

Happy House happyhouse@pacific.net.ph
Tue, 06 Nov 2001 10:26:40 +0800

Dear All,

     Its me again, the umax problem...  But I finally got the patch
command going, =).  But now the problem is I can't seem to get my
scanner started, it gives me an error like EPP is not working like it
should or something, I will try to get a better description of this
problem, just wanted to see if anyone could help. =).  I included my
previuos email below for added info, thanks all.


Dear All,

     I have recently discovered that my Umax 2000P (parallel port)
Scanner can be used with SANE in linux.  I have Redhat 7.1 I recently
wen to the http://umax1220p.sourceforge.net/ for information on using my
scanner with SANE.  I have downloaded all of the files needed
and frontends and even the xsane source. But I do not know how to
"patch" my backends directory like the page:
has told me.  All I get is a
patch unknown command

Is patch another package I need to download? If yes where?  If not,
where did I go wrong?  I followed it all, downloaded
sane-1.0.5-backends.tar.gz and put it in the sane backends directory,
but when I run the
    zcat umax1220p-2.3.gz | patch -p1

    patch <umax1220p-2.3 -p1
I get the patch command not found?  what am I doing wrong?
Can anyone can help or can point me in the right direction?  Thank you
so much

sincere thanks and gratitude,