[sane-devel] Minolta Scan Dual II (status report)

Jose Paulo Moitinho de Almeida moitinho@civil.ist.utl.pt
Tue, 6 Nov 2001 14:33:16 +0000

On Tuesday 06 November 2001 14:24, you wrote:
>From what I could find here, it appear that, according to the Linux USB
> scanner page <http://www.buzzard.org.uk/jonathan/scanners-usb.html> that
> the Minolta Scan Dual II use an Avision chipset and that the Avision
> backend may be one path to follow. If that helps...

It was my mistake not to mention "the avision way" in yesterday's message. 
That's what you get when you want to talk about everything....

Minolta+hp7400+?? using the avision backend is (probably) the way.