[sane-devel] ScanJet 4c, scanimage hangs

Ray Curtis Ray Curtis <ray@ccux.com>
Wed, 7 Nov 2001 19:56:59 -0500

>>>>> "nc" == Nathan Cassano <nathan@cjhunter.com> writes:

nc> Hi folks,
nc> 	I'm working on installing a hp scanjet 4c scanner, attached to a
nc> Symbios Logic 53c416 SCSI card on a Suse Linux 2.2.16 box. Everything
nc> relating to the kernel appears to be setup correctly (isapnp, modules,
nc> scsi). The scanner is set to the ID of 1, is the only device attached
nc> and is terminated. My problem is whenever I execute "scanimage" the
nc> systems creeps . The operation executes succeeds but it takes ~20
nc> minutes.

nc> So I set SANE_DEBUG_HP to 255 and ran "scanimage -L". The following is
nc> the program output.

nc> # scanimage -L
nc> [sanei_debug] Setting debug level of hp to 255.
nc> [hp] sane_init called
nc> [hp] sane_init will finish with Success
nc> [hp] sane_get_devices called
nc> [hp] hp_read_config: hp backend v0.95 starts reading config file [hp]
nc> hp_read_config: processing line </dev/scanner> [hp] hp_read_config:
nc> processing line <option connect-device> [hp] hp_read_config: processing
nc> line <option connect-scsi> [hp] hp_read_config: attach /dev/scanner [hp]
nc> hp_get_dev: New device /dev/scanner, connect-scsi, scsi-request=0 [hp]
nc> sanei_hp_device_new: /dev/scanner [hp] scsi_inquire: sending INQUIRE
nc> [hp] scsi_new: sending TEST_UNIT_READY [hp] scsi_flush: writing 2 bytes:
nc> [hp]  0x0000  1B 45                                            .E
nc> [hp] scsi_flush: writing 7 bytes:

nc> My hp.conf reads
nc> scsi HP
nc> /dev/scanner

nc> Does anyone know whats going on?

I have the same scanner and am having a somewhat similar problem,
however a suggestion to try is to change the hp.conf above to
just these lines:

option disable-scsi-request

Then ensure that /dev/scanner is really pointing to the correct device

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