[sane-devel] Avision backend and USB

Rene Rebe rene.rebe@gmx.net
Mon, 12 Nov 2001 14:11:39 +0100

Hi all.

So. I'm back with active development for the sane/avision-backend ...

Attached is a slightly modified avision.c (patch against sane-1.0.6).
It doesn't yet do the software color-packing ... - But it includes
all vendor strings I was able to find, outputs some scanner parameters
in a readable way and (most importantly) it generated the gamma-table in
another way. It like to make Christian another test scan using this new
code (test my theory ...).

(Maybe the vendor string needs to be modified if you scanner is not

WARNING: All test are done on your own risk ...

k33p h4ck1n6 René

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