[sane-devel] History of SANE

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Tue, 20 Nov 2001 22:34:50 +0100


I just found out that it's about 5 years now that SANE came into
existance. Quite a long time at least concerning software in my
opinion. Time to celebrate a birthday party?

The first entry in ChangeLog is from 1996-11-16.

The first SANE standard I know is version 0.2 from 1996-11-17.

SANE 0.1 seem to have been released around 1996-11-27.

The first mail on sane-devel is from 1996-12-09.

Maybe someone (David?) can provide more data: Is there an older sane
package than 0.1? Is there a standard 0.1? When was the idea of SANE

Some statistics: :-)

                      SANE 0.1       SANE 1.0.6 (backends and frontends)
Size of tar.gz         102,393       1,729,652
Lines of code (*.c|h)    5,525         197,928
Lines of docu              874          12,969
Backends                     3              41      
Authors                      3              62
Compilation time (s)       1.5           171.5  
Typical weigth of a 
  Mustek scanner in kg :-) 6.8             1.8