[sane-devel] XSane-0.81 available

Oliver Rauch oliver.rauch@rauch-domain.de
Tue, 20 Nov 2001 23:41:03 +0100

XSane-0.81 is available on


Version-0.81 is not tested very well.
I am not able to do intensive tests within the
next time but there are several changes that
are worth to be published.


 - xsane-gamma.c:
     void xsane_calculate_raw_histogram(void): changed "maxval_raw = 0;" to "... = 1;"
     void xsane_calculate_enh_histogram(void): changed "maxval_enh = 0;" to "... = 1;"
   this avoids a floating point exception on some systems
 - xsane-viewer.c: set default viewer size from 400, 400 to
   0.3 * screen_width, 0.5 * screen height
 - xsane-save.c: xsane_save_rotate_image() swaps x and y resolution when
   rotation 90 or 270 degree
 - removed slash at end of mkdir("~/.sane/xsane/"), OS/2 did not like this
 - when temporary direcotry is not defined (xsane.rc does not exist)
   then xsane at first tries to read the environment variable
   defined by ENVIRONMENT_TEMP_DIR_NAME (default TMP) and if that
   does not exist it uses a predefined (TEMP_PATH) path.
   When xsane.rc does exist the temporary directory stored in xsane.rc is used.
 - added blur and despeckle selction dialog to select filter radius
 - changed viewer and preview window type from GTK_WINDOW_DIALOG to GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL
 - preview gamma does not have any effect to the enhanced histogram any more
 - preview does medium gamma correction now when scanner does not support
   gamma tables
 - medium selection is disabled for lineart mode, gamma table is set to default
   in this case. This guarentees that advanced lineart preview (by grayscale scan)
   does work conform to the real scan.
 - default resolution set to 72 dpi (if no resolution is defined by backend)
 - added scanning/valid/incomplete/invalid pixmap to preview action area
 - preview cancel does call preview_get_image_data after canceling the
   scan, this makes sure that xsane does detect a cancled scan when
   gdk_input does not detect closing the select_fd (what happens when
   the backend does close the select_fd too early (what is allowed by
   the sane standard))
 - scan cancel does make sure that xsane_read_image_data is run
   after sane_cancel is called
 - added SIGTERM handler: xsane_quit() is called on SIGTERM
 - when faxproject/xsane-fax-list can not be created an error
   message is printed and the creation of the project is aborted
 - in saving mode temporary conversion file is removed after conversion
 - corrected wrong filenames while saving mail image after scanning 

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