[sane-devel] OS/2 version of Sane

Franz Bakan Franz Bakan" <fbakan@gmx.net
Wed, 21 Nov 2001 00:32:37 +0100 (CET)


1. mustek.c and microtek2.c

  As you probably allready know, the code for backends using fork()
  needs small changes to work with OS/2.
  I can provide diffs for mustek.c, mustek.h and microtek2.c, based on
  the work of Yuri Dario, if you are willing to include them.

  Additionally sanei/sanei_thread.c would have to be added to

  It would be easy to implement these changes also for
  plustek, coolscan, agfafocus, snapscan and tamarack, but
  I will only add these if I have a chance to get this tested first.
  Regarding mustek and microtek I know that it works.

2. sanei/sanei_scsi.c

   I would like to make some changes here (OS/2-things only):
   - remove semaphore() code because it is no longer necessary.
      (This breaks backwards compatibility with aspirout.sys 1.01
      aspirout.sys beta2 or later from Paul Ratcliffe is needed then.)

   - add:
      #if USE == OS2_INTERFACE
      # define MAX_DATA   (64*1024)
   But I'm not shure here. I did not have troubles with this, and it speeds up
   the things slightly, but perhaps there is a reason I don't know why the
   former (implicit) value was 32*1024.

   - add some debug-code

sanei_scsi.c  modified this way works at least for me (EPSON and Mustek)
and a Microtek-scanner of another OS/2-Sane-User.

Are there other OS/2 users on the list to comment these idea's?

3. Allthough I get SANE built on OS/2 it's a little bit tricky.
   OS/2 executables need the .exe extension to work.
   So in theory things should improve if


   were added to configure.in
   I don't know much about these things, but as far as I know
   this would also need autoconf 2.13 at least.
   At the moment configure.in tells:
AC_PREREQ(2.10)dnl		dnl Minimum Autoconf version required.