[sane-devel] Nikon Scantouch 110 (AX-110)

Tim Egbert tegbert@abl.med.utah.edu
Sat, 24 Nov 2001 14:46:59 -0700 (MST)

I joined this list find out how to get my ancient, and no longer
supported, Nikon Scantouch 110 (AX-110) working with sane.  But, I think
I've got it figured out. Apparently the umax backend works for the AX-210,
and will also work for the AX-110 if you rebuild it after adding entries
to some files.

to the umax.conf file:

scsi HDM LS4H1S
scsi Nikon AX-210
scsi Nikon AX-110              <---
scsi KYE ColorPage-HR5

to the umax.desc file:

:mfg "Nikon"
:url "http://www.nikon.com/"
:model "AX-110"                <---
:interface "SCSI"              <---
:comment "OK"                  <---
:model "AX-210"
:interface "SCSI"
:comment "OK"

and to the umax-scanner.c file:

  "HDM ",       "LS4H1S  ", /* Linoscan 1400 */
  "Nikon ",     "AX-110 ",     <---
  "Nikon ",     "AX-210 ",
  "KYE ",       "ColorPage-HR5 ", 
  "EPSON ",     "Perfection600 ", 

(Naturally, don't put in the "<---" arrows as they're just to show what
lines I added).  After rebuilding, I copied all the new umax libraries to
"/usr/lib/sane" and the umax.conf file to the "/etc/sane.d" directory.

I'm no expert on sane, and if anyone can see any dangers or flaws in what
I did, please let me know.  In the meantime, I seem to be getting
reasonable quality 300 dpi scans via xsane.

FYI, I'm running sane version 1.0.5 and have RedHat 7.2 installed on my
computer.  The scanner came with a dinky little Adaptec AHA-1505 ISA scsi
board that I could never get to work right on Linux, so I'm now using an
Adaptec AHA-2940AU pci card, which also handles my internal zip drive and
whatever else I decide to hang onto the scsi bus.