[sane-devel] driver for LM983x based scanners next shot

Jaeger, Gerhard g.jaeger@earthling.net
Wed, 28 Nov 2001 21:35:06 +0100

On Tuesday, 27. November 2001 22:39, you wrote:
> > at least 256 different motors and or CCD-chips...
> I see. Is this used in the code anywhere? To which value should I set
> it?

No, only during the identification step... 
> > bCCD is for specifying the used CCD - see plustek-usb.h for the defines.
> > I think we should use these defines in the structs in plustek_devs.c too.
> Ok, I will look into this later. What about the Scannermodel entry?
> Ist this just the name or does this have influence on scanning?

Just the name...

> The Mustek BearPaw 1200 now also works. Color mode is quite ok, gray
> mode has stripes sometimes. Binary doesn't work at all. Resolutions
> are as above (75-600 dpi). Preview freezes the scanner because at 50
> dpi the motor doesn't move. This time the values are from the Mustek
> source code so I'm more confident with them :-)

Great, good job! I'll merge it to my code and will put the next version 
tomorrow evening onto the web-site...
In the meantime I've replaced the Plustek image processing stuff by
my own scaling function to allow scanning at the full vertical resolution,
so for a 600dpi scanner it's now possible to use even the 1200dpi...

I also worked on the cancelation stuff...