[sane-devel] Solaris 8 (Setup HOWTO)

Bill Pool locutus@icephyre.net
Wed, 3 Oct 2001 14:29:53 -0500 (CDT)

Okay, I noticed a lot of people on this list had problems compiling /
using SANE / XSANE.

I have created a SPARC pkgadd package (hopefuly a x86 version) soon
located at:

http://www.icephyre.net/pkgs (SANE 1.0.5 + XSANE 0.79)

Described below is my setup, even though I use a SPARC Solaris is Solaris
so the general configuration's apply.

Scanner Used: Artec AM12S
SANE Install Prefix: /opt/GNU

Once you have SANE installed you need to setup SGEN scsi driver for the

do this by editing the file:


Below are the values I entered for my Artec AM12S scanner:

$ cat /kernel/drv/sgen.conf

inquiry-config-list=    "ARTEC"
name="sgen" class="scsi" target=5 lun=0;

Then I ran:

# devfsadm -v -i sgen

This will create sgen device nodes for the scanner.

The device location for the scanner will be at:


? = Whatever ID you gave it in the sgen.conf file

Line 80 of README.solaris for backends-1.0.5 explains this.

You shouldn't "have" to reboot, I would just to reset and clear out and
re-initalize the SCSI buss.

When you do all of that and reboot the box edit the following files:

/opt/GNU/etc/sane.d/artec.conf  (or whatever printer you are)

Make the device location to be:


Then edit:


Comment out ALL the scanners other then the one you want to use.

Change the permissions of /dev/scsi/scanner/c?t?d? to:

chmod 666 /dev/scsi/scanner/c?t?d?

REMEMBER ? is the value of the channel/disk/ID of your device!

Hope this helps people!

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