[sane-devel] xsane-0.80 available

Oliver Rauch oliver.rauch@rauch-domain.de
Thu, 04 Oct 2001 16:42:35 +0200


xsane-0.80 is available on:


changes from xsane-0.79 to 0.80:
 - moved setting of medium gamma correction values from xsane_set_medium_callback in xsane.c
   to xsane_set_medium in xsane-gamma.c
 - xsane_set_medium is called in xsane_scan_dialog and in preview_scan
 - replaced predefined areas 10x14 cm and 14x10 cm by 10x15 cm and 15x10 cm
 - updated documentation (partly)
 - correcting image height when canceling conversion to jpeg format,
   program does not crash any more
 - added russian translation - thanks to John Profic <profic@lrn.ru>
 - solved problem with lineart image saved as png (wrong byte width)
 - moved medium selection menue from preferences menu to xsane main dialog
 - inactive backend options are not saved to the device-rc file
 - added progress_bar to the paramter list of xsane_save_*
 - added xsane-viewer.c and xsane-viewer.h to the src directory
 - added fflush(outfile); to end of rotation routine, this seems to
   solve a problem of incomplete files when rotating the image file
 - added routine xsane_read_pnm_header to get correct header offset
   and read geometrie values
 - for saving routines now the header offset and geometrie values of
   xsane_load_pnm_header are used instead of xsanes internal values
 - changed handling of color identification:
   old: xsane_color  == 0 => grayscale/lineart
   new: xsane_colors == 1 => grayscale/lineart
 - when image is saved as postscript file (not copy mode etc)
   then the bounding box exactly surrounds the image now.
   Removed psfile parts from setup and preferences.
 - xsane_widget_test_uposition(gtk_window) does wait now until
   gtk_window is realized before gtk_widget_set/get_uposition
   test is done
 - for hpux added include of alloca.h to sane.h
 - added function xsane_debug_message that is used for DBG when
   gcc is not used because defines with variable arguments is
   not ANSI.
 - updated translations: cs, de, fr, ja, ru, tr


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