[sane-devel] [Fwd: AGFA SnapScan e20]

Sebastien Sable Sebastien.Sable@snv.jussieu.fr
08 Oct 2001 14:31:23 +0200


Felix Hermann <felix_hermann@web.de> writes:

> [snapscan] add_device: Is vendor "AGFA" model "SNAPSCAN e20" a
> supported scanner?
> [snapscan] add_device: "AGFA SNAPSCAN e20" is not one of AGFA SnapScan
> 300, 310, 600 or 1236s, Acer VUEGO 300, 310S, 610S, or 610plus, Acer
> PRISA model 620S

You probably did not installed correctly this version :

The model "SNAPSCAN e20" has been in snapscan.h for nearly 5 months so
it should be correctly detected with versions more recent than
that. You need to untar the snapscan-xxx.tar.gz file in
sane-backends-1.0.5/backend then install sane in the normal way.


Sébastien Sablé <Sebastien.Sable@snv.jussieu.fr>