[sane-devel] open a project for the epson 1250 on SF ?

Stefan Nilsen stefan.nilsen@telia.com
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 22:17:16 +0200

> >>As far as I know there is at least one project already underway to
> >>develop a 983x backend. Check the archives of this list (or wait for
> >>the project maintainer to participate in this discussion).

That would be me.

> >yep it is for the hp scanjet 2200c (at least)
> >see http://scanjet2200c.sourceforge.net/ for more info
> >perhaps you could write a unique lm983x backend that suppoorts differents
> >manufacturers.. but sure you can reuse their work.

I have just got help to clean up the code and will deposit the changes in the 
SF CVS tree, as soon as I have had a chance to test the changes. Probably 
We sure could use some more help. AFAIK the LM9833 is very similar to the 
LM9832. That would make the driver very similar.

> The problem is that the hp scanner uses:
> - the lm9830 which is an parallel port chip
> - + an usb to parallel chip
> So it's quite different from lm 9831-9833 which are real USB chips.

HP 2200c is a pure, USB LM9832 based scanner.

Any interested helping in this project is welcome to visit the homepage 
mentioned above and also the mailing list that is set up on SF for the 
scanjet2200c project.