[sane-devel] open a project for the epson 1250 on SF ?

Jaeger, Gerhard g.jaeger@earthling.net
Thu, 25 Oct 2001 19:00:53 +0200


the Plustek backend will contain code to make LM983x based devices
to work with SANE!
This code is somewhat generic that way, that it should be possible
to simple add configuration entries (Like size and so on).
The code is based on the NT driver donated by Plustek Germany.
I've currently ported about 99% and do now some debugging.
After that (and after SANE 1.0.6 has been released) I will update the 
If the stuff works, we can discuss about a better place or even name.
ASAP I will make a tar-ball available, that will contain the code.
Please guys be patient, but I think we're on a good way ;-)
If you already have a LM983x based device, you might can send me the
Vendor and Product ID the the scanner. AFAIR I've the configuration 
for almost all Plustek and Genius devices.