[sane-devel] Compilation tests for SANE 1.0.6

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Sun, 28 Oct 2001 17:09:52 +0100


On Sun, Oct 28, 2001 at 03:55:04PM +0100, Jaeger, Gerhard wrote:
> it seems, that there's at least a compilation problem with Kernel 2.2.19.
> The umax_pp_low.c needs the linux/ppdev.h header, which is only part of newer
> 2.4.x Kernels. I think this should be solved in the configuration...

The code in umax_pp_low.c looks like this:

#include <sys/ioctl.h>
#include <linux/parport.h>
#include <linux/ppdev.h>

HAVE_LINUX_PPDEV_H is set by configure if linux/ppdev.h is found. So I
don't see a problem here. At least on my system, SANE compiles on
Linux 2.2.19. Maybe you forgot to "make distclean" and rerun configure?