[sane-devel] Current backend (drivers) list (sane-backends.html)

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 00:19:05 +0100


The list of the SANE backends for SANE 1.0.6 can be found at
It was generated from the CVS *.desc files some minutes ago.

Some backend versions are out of sync (e.g. umax).

There are some dead links. If there are no better ideas, I will remove
the links at least for the unmaintained backends. Here is a list:

abaton (http://aix2.uottawa.ca/~s1204672/sane/ 404 Not Found)

apple (ftp://ftpdev.info.apple.com/devworld/ Could not locate remote
       server, shall I just link to http://www.apple.com?)

dc25 (http://www.kodak.com/US/en/digital/cameras/dc25/ does not exist
      on Kodak.com, the correct one seems to be

lhii (http://www.willamowius.de/scanner.html timeout (maybe temporary?))	       

m3091, m3096g (http://www.fujitsu.com/scanners.html 404 Not Found,
               maybe http://imagescanner.fujitsu.com/product/ ?)
sp15c (http://www.aa.net/~bentson/sane.html timeout (temporary?),
       http://www.fujitsu.com/scanners.html (see above))

v4l (http://www.franken.de/users/solid/ error:  forbidden)