[sane-devel] load module with a primax colorado, probable 4800...(tce s440)

Jaeger, Gerhard G. Jaeger" <gjaeger@sysgo.de
Wed, 31 Oct 2001 09:24:23 +0100

On Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2001 21:12, Louco.com vocÍ na internet. wrote:
> Oct 27 17:26:35 loko kernel: pt_drv : driver version 0.39-8
> Oct 27 17:26:35 loko kernel: pt_drv : no device(s) detected, (-9020)
> The message with debug go in atathement.
> I've tryed epp and spp modes and the errors are the same.
> And tryed active and deactive IEEE1284 in kernel too.
> My paralel port is configured in bios in 0x378,irq7, my printer
> (epson lx300) is perfect with this. Note: its unpluged.
> Whats going wrong?
> My box is an k6-3-400 with 128mb ram, mb fic 503a, with slack8 and kernel
> 2.4.12-ac2. I tryed with kernel 2.2.19, 2.4.13 and 2.4.13-ac3 too.
> This scanner goes ok with the program primax_scan-0.93beta3 from
> http://primax.sourceforge.net/
> primax_scan recognizes it like an "primax colorado"
> And it's the third(3) from this list:
> http://primax.sourceforge.net/part_numbers.html
> I've opened it and look for the ICs.
The only thing that goes wrong is, that you're using the wrong driver.
There are only a few Primax scanners which are in fact rebadged Plustek
devices - see the man page (sane-plustek) for supported devices.
If you're scanner works with the primax_scan-0.93beta3, so it is a 'real'
Primax scanner and not a Plustek...