[sane-devel] epson 1200 usb hangs-more info plus compression

Bob Ramsey rramsey@soli.inav.net
Sat, 01 Sep 2001 18:29:22 -0500

Ok, after being able to scan for a day, it started doing it again.  It suddenly dawned on me that KDE was pretty resource intensive and I wondered if that might be the problem.  So I installed sawfish, ran that as my window manager instead and am now happily scanning away.

One more question though.  I haven't been able to find in the docs any information about whether the packed bits compression for tiffs is lossy or not.  General information sites on the web about tiffs said it could be, but didn't have to be.  Which makes sense because not all compression is lossy and it just depends on the algorithm used.  If I want lossless scans, should I go no compression at all?