[sane-devel] EPSON Perfection 1250 is _NOT_ supported !!!

Frederic Dumas frederic.dumas@club-internet.fr
Sun, 02 Sep 2001 06:17:23 +0200

Thank you for the information.

I would suggest a urgent notice on this point in the scanner lists :-)


I intended to buy a 1240U and I did accept a new 1250U from the shop as
they do not have 1240U scanners anymore and as I had read on the
scanner-usb page: "I strongly recommend that you select an Epson
scanner. All the Epson scanners conform to the Epson scanner language"

I assume that others may make the same mistake.

Frederic Dumas

Karl Heinz Kremer wrote:
> I just got notice of a very disturbing change in the new EPSON
> scanner Perfection 1250 (and posibly the other new scanners
> they just released): Instead of just two bulk endpoints for
> the USB connection this scanner now uses two bulk and one
> interrupt end point. This is (at least for now) not supported
> by the USB scanner driver, therefore the scanner can not be
> used with the EPSON backend.
> Please don't buy this model for now if you want to use it
> with Sane. I'll keep the list updated about any changes.
> Karl Heinz
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