[sane-devel] Which of these scanners works with SANE?

SHOPPA@trailing-edge.com SHOPPA@trailing-edge.com
Sun, 16 Sep 2001 17:16:09 -0400

I just went by the local CompUSA, and scoped out what scanners they
have in stock.  Which (if any!) of these will work with recent SANE releases?

Canon N650U (according to the supported USB list, these are unlikely
Canon N670U  to work anytime soon)
Epson 1250 (from recent posts, I think this is known to *not* work)
Epson 1650 (is this as bad as the 1250?)
HP 2200c 
HP 4400
HP 4470
HP 5370Cse
HP 7400c (SCSI *and/or* USB)
Umax Astra 4400 (again according to the USB list, these are unlikely
Umax Astra 3400  to work anytime soon)

If none of these are known to work, what's a guy to do who wants a *new*
scanner to work with SANE?  I'd be glad to spend a weekend or two getting
any one of these to be supported if someone could point me to a good