[sane-devel] Snapscan: Agfa Snapscan 1236U

Sebastien Sable Sebastien.Sable@snv.jussieu.fr
17 Sep 2001 11:46:56 +0200

Klaas Freitag <freitag@suse.de> writes:

> is there any reason why the 1.0.5 snapscan backend does not support
> the Agfa Snapscan 1236_U_ (the USB versions of the 1236S ? )from out
> of the box ?

Well, no one asked for it before, I suppose.

> I attached a very tiny patch against 1.0.5 which makes it working. The
> scanner does the job very well but it takes a relativ long time to set
> parameter like the scan window, resolution etc. in the frontend. The
> scan speed is OK.

The patch can be even smaller. Just add this line :

    {"SNAPSCAN 1236U",          SNAPSCAN1236S},

And remove all the rest (no need to define two different models since
they probably have the same protocol).

I will apply it in the CVS on sourceforge.

Thanks for the report.

Sébastien Sablé <Sebastien.Sable@snv.jussieu.fr>