[sane-devel] Which of these scanners works with SANE?

Peter Kirchgessner peter@kirchgessner.net
Mon, 17 Sep 2001 20:50:30 +0200


unfortunatley none of the HP-scanners is supported.


SHOPPA@trailing-edge.com wrote:
> I just went by the local CompUSA, and scoped out what scanners they
> have in stock.  Which (if any!) of these will work with recent SANE releases?
> Canon N650U (according to the supported USB list, these are unlikely
> Canon N670U  to work anytime soon)
> Epson 1250 (from recent posts, I think this is known to *not* work)
> Epson 1650 (is this as bad as the 1250?)
> HP 2200c
> HP 4400
> HP 4470
> HP 5370Cse
> HP 7400c (SCSI *and/or* USB)
> Umax Astra 4400 (again according to the USB list, these are unlikely
> Umax Astra 3400  to work anytime soon)
> If none of these are known to work, what's a guy to do who wants a *new*
> scanner to work with SANE?  I'd be glad to spend a weekend or two getting
> any one of these to be supported if someone could point me to a good
> possibility!
> Tim.
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