[sane-devel] Plustek scanner

jerry white EWHITE4@kc.rr.com
Wed, 19 Sep 2001 11:32:36 -0400

On Wednesday 19 September 2001 01:22 am, you wrote:
> Keith Bates, Mit, 19 Sep 2001 :
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've just joined the list and just starting with SANE. Please bear with
> > me if I'm being stupid :-)
> >
> > I've got a Plustek OpticPro 4831P scanner which plugs in via the printer
> > port. This scanner is on the list of supported scanners. I've installed
> > the latest version of SANE, but when I try to run it via the GIMP it
> > tells me no scanner was found.
> >
> > I've gone through the configure-make-make install routine for both
> > sane-backend and xsane.
> >
> > If someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong I would be one happy camper!


did you set the dll.conf file in sane.d?
comment out everything except    net,plustek ,v41

also because it's on the para  port  an ordinary user does NOT have the right 
permissions to use it so you will have to use the "net" device to ascess it.
read doc for saned and sane,net

just to check try running xsane as root to see if it works.     however DO NOT

hope this helps