[sane-devel] lm983x/umax 3400

rm async@cc.gatech.edu
Sun, 23 Sep 2001 02:23:29 -0400

	i noticed some talk on the list about an lm983x backend, and i
wanted to share some information.  
	i compiled scanner.c in the usb drivers with the 3400 id
(0x1606, 0x0060) and then used the hp scanjet 2200c test program. the
motor seems to work correctly (at least in going forward and
backward).  but the illumination light doesn't come on.
	it turns out the astra 3400 uses a non-standard method of
turning on the light: to turn on the light, you write 0x0f into
register 0x5a (ie it's turned on via a misc i/o, and not using all the
mode registers...at least not exclusively).
	i haven't tried messing with the ccd or anything else yet. has
anyone tried asking umax for the init values for the chip?


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