[sane-devel] Sane on Linux Sparc...

abel deuring a.deuring@satzbau-gmbh.de
Sun, 23 Sep 2001 15:21:23 +0200

Tomislav Renic wrote:
> Sorry about the lack of details.  I realized after I sent the email that I
> should have been a bit more explicit with my system details.  Here's what
> I've got:
> Sun Ultra 10 with 300 MHz Ultrasparc IIi
> Adaptec AHA2940UW Controller at SCSI-ID=7
> UMAX S6E scanner on SCSI-ID=5
> Debian Linux with kernel 2.4.7 using loadable modules for aha7xxx.o and sg.o
> sane version 1.0.5 (I tried both the debian precompiled packages and rolling
> my own...same problem)
> Shared libraries are indeed supported
> I could use xscanimage if I sane could recognize the scanner.
> Here's the debug output from the mustek backend:
> debian:~# SANE_DEBUG_MUSTEK=4 scanimage -L
> [sanei_debug] Setting debug level of mustek to 4.
> [mustek] SANE mustek backend version 1.0 build 107 from sane-backends-1.0.5
> [mustek] sane_init: reading config file `mustek.conf'
> [mustek] sane_init: config file line 4: strip-height set to 1 inches
> [mustek] sane_init: config file line 10: trying to attach `scsi MUSTEK *
> Scanner'
> [mustek] sane_init: config file line 14: option lineart-fix ignored, was set
> before any device name
> [mustek] sane_init: config file line 16: trying to attach `scsi SCANNER'
> [mustek] sane_init: config file line 20: option lineart-fix ignored, was set
> before any device name
> [mustek] sane_init: config file line 22: trying to attach `/dev/scanner'
> [mustek] attach: trying device /dev/scanner
> [mustek] dev_open: /dev/scanner is a SCSI device
> [mustek] dev_open: wanted 8 kbytes, got 8 kbytes buffer
> [mustek] attach: inquiry for device /dev/scanner failed (Error during device
> I/O)


this sounds like a like a problem somewhere in sanei_scsi or below.
Could you run another test with SANEI_DEBUG_SANEI_SCSI=255 ? (BTW, since
you are using a Umax scanner, setting SANE_DEBUG_UMAX might be more
reasonable than SANE_DEBUG_MUSTEK. But since all backends for SCSI
scanners issue the INQUIRY command, you'll probably see a similar
message from the Umax backend.)