[sane-devel] xsane-0.85 available

Oliver Rauch oliver.rauch@rauch-domain.de
Sat, 13 Apr 2002 22:48:51 +0200


XSane-0.85 has been released.

It can be downloaded from:



 - replaced xsane_control_option by back_gtk_set_option in xsane_set_resolution.
   if changing resolution causes a SANE_RELOAD_OPTIONS this is handled now.
 - replaced xsane_save_scaled_image by a routine that does a blur over all covered pixel
   insetad of using one pixel in the middle of the covered area
 - changed radius definition of blur and despeckle, now r=1 means nothing happens
 - extended blur routine, radius is now of type float, so you e.g. can blur with a
   radius of 1.3.
 - replaced all xsane*_scale_new* by xsane*_range_new*, the range can be displayed as:
   - slider (scale) + value on right
   - slider (scrollbar) + value on right
   - spinbutton
   - scale + spinbutton
   - scrollbar + spinbutton
  the user can select, which disply mode he likes to use.
 - added timeout callback for xsane_resolution to set correct quantisation
 - Some people complained that the user has to accept the GPL to use the program.
   In fact from the view of the GPL it is not necessary that the user accepts
   the license to run the program. But it is important that the user reads
   and accepts the "NO WARRANTY" part of the license. Due to this I created
   two license dialogs:
    - EULA-Dialog displays the "NO WARRANTY" part of the GPL
    - GPL-Dialog displays the compelte GPL
   To run the program the user has to accept the "NO WARRANTY" agreement
   after installation and each update of xsane.
   I hope this compromise is usable for every side. Please understand and
   accept that it is necessary in some countries that the user accepts the
   no warranty agreement to make sure that the authors and others do not
   have to pay any compensation in the case of any damage
 - removed bug in scan and in preview-scan 16 bit routines when
   sane_read returned with odd number of bytes
 - reduced maximum filename counter length from 10 digits to 9 digits.
   (10 digits need more than long int, long long int is not portable (not ANSI C))
 - update_counter_in_filename does not touch the counter when step = 0 and
   min_length = 0
 - added preview function autoraise_scanarea (may be the name is stupid?):
   if you select this function and click to an image then the image
   is selected as scanarea
 - colored preview pipette icons and zoom icons
 - several changes/preparation for gtk+-2.0 - configure is not ready for gtk+-2.0


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