[sane-devel] No-devices-error; SCSI question

Haines Brown brownh@hartford-hwp.com
Fri, 2 Aug 2002 06:47:55 -0400

When I went to start xsame under Red Hat 7.2, it exited with error
message: no devices available. Running gdp on it and removing
references to other printers in the configuration file did not help.

I think I know why, but need advice on what to do about it. I have a
HP ScanJet IIcx that is run off an Adaptec 39160 SCSI adapter.

This adapter has two channels. I have the A channel connected to an
ultra160 HD, and the B channel connected to legacy devives, including
another HD. I use the external connector for Channel B for my scanner.

The SCSI adapter has an unusual external connector, which is a 68-pin
VeryHighDensity connector. In order to use it, I purchased a 68 VHD to
50-pin HighDensity coverter to suit my SCSI cable, which terminates in
a 50-pin HD connection on the computer end and a SCSI I connector on
scanner end. That end is terminated.

When I booted, the scanner was recognized, and then when I run cat
/proc/scsi/scsi, the scanner is seen correctly. But besides the SANE
error message above, I was having trouble accessing some sub-folders
on a legacy (Channel B) hard disk.

Turns out that I was lucky to have gotten up at all. When I rebooted,
all sorts of strange error messages that indicated problems synching
Channel B. I found that having the scanner connected did not cause
this, but simply the cable. Even a cable going nowhere caused me
grief, but the little little converter does not.

Apprently I can't connect things up this way. But what to do?

Haines Brown