[sane-devel] Windows Xsane copy with network printing

Doug Winterburn doug@winterburn.net
Sat, 03 Aug 2002 14:28:16 -0700

Anyone get Windows Xsane copy function to work with network printers?  I
have ghostscript 7.04 installed on Windows 98 which prints fine to Samba
printers on my RH7.3 linux server.  Xsane on windows also scans fine
from win98 using a HP4c on the linux server.  But when I try to do an
xsane copy, xsane crashes and drops a core file.  The configuration for
xsane copy uses the recommended ghostscript command which does work from
the dos command line and specifying a postscript file rather than a
pipe.  Same apparent failure regardless of trying to print to a HP4MP or
HP855C on the linux server.

-Doug Winterburn