[sane-devel] Redhat Linux 7.3 and Epson 1650 USB Scanner

Roderick A. Anderson raanders@acm.org
Mon, 5 Aug 2002 16:28:03 -0700 (PDT)

Just joined the list because I can't find an answer to this problem.  I've 
searched using google and turn up the same problem but I never found a 

I had saned working with my Redhat Linux 7.2 system but then I upgraded to 
RHL 7.3.  Now I'm getting "scanner.c: open_scanner(*): Unable to access 
minor data" where * is 1 to 15.  I've confirmed that the device is known 
to the kernel (cat /proc//bus/usb/devices) and used modprobe with the 
proper arguments and there is a /dev/usb/scanner0 through 15.
   Should the ownership and permissions be different that root:root and 
crw------- ?  This is driving me crazy.  Have it working then upgrade the 
backends etc. and have it break.

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