[sane-devel] Re: Saned problems

Herman Kuiper Herman Kuiper <herman@ozuzo.net>
Tue, 06 Aug 2002 21:12:14 +0200

> I haven't ever used SaneTwain. In older SANE versions saned had some
> timing issues that may show such behaviour. Do you use SANE 1.0.8?

Those timeout problems usually manifest themselves with SaneTwain as "Read 
error -64" etc.

When using saned in xinetd mode, does SaneTwain find the host and can it 
connect to the host? You can try telnet'ing to the sane host on port 6566 
and see if the connection is not closed immediately or no connection is 
even made. If SaneTwain gives "Error opening the device" as error, the 
open() call failed. Make sure saned can find the Windows client (although 
when it works when running in debug mode this might not be the problem).


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