[sane-devel] Scanmaker 3800

Marian Eichholz marian.eichholz@freenet-ag.de
19 Aug 2002 15:26:13 +0200

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Am Mon, 2002-08-19 um 15.16 schrieb trewq:
> Hi
> I have a Microtek USB scanmaker 3800 , but it seems that there ar no driv=
> for this scanner. The scanmaker 3600 project doesn't seem to support it.
> This scnanner is based on SCAN 08 chip
> http://www.sq.com.tw/products/spec/scan08Spec.PDF

The sheet is interesting but not too illuminating. Looks something like
the M011 chip.

> When i launch sane-find-scanner it say's sane-find-scanner: found USB
> scanner (vendor =3D
>     0x05da, product =3D 0x30ce) at device /dev/usb/scanner0
> Can anyone help me ? Thanx ...

Most probably it is completeley incompatible to the M011 and thus not

If someone gives away an SM 3800, and there is an official programming
document, I might have a look at it.

Probably it makes sense to derive a backend from the sm3600 one, and
probably they might share a good deal of code. But it *will* be a major
reqrite ob both backends, since some additional abstraction must be

So, unless someone volunteers to do the job, the SCAN08 models might
remain unsupported.

Perhaps You want to implement the backend? Feel encouraged to use as
much of our code and tools to get it done!

- Marian

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