[sane-devel] Color problems with xsane 0.84 (Debian) and 0.87 (self compiled)

Guillaume Estival lonewolf@dspnet.claranet.fr
Fri, 23 Aug 2002 15:18:46 +0200

hello everyone.

First of all, please excuse me for my *bad* english.

I use an Artec ULTIMA AT3 1.60 SCSI on a Debian 3.0 Woody, using xsane
to do the scans. I have a color problem when the orginal image is gloss
black/black. Here come an exemple of problem (see especialy the preview

Here come the picture using windows driver (far old one, and do not have
the configuration capabilities of xsane):

At first, I thought the problem remains to sane backend. *But*, here
come a default exemple made with xscanimage:

The picture is dark, but don't have the xsane color problems. By use a
back end option ("Use custom gamma correction"), I can make a better
image, but it's very difficult. I didn't find any "Brightness/Contrast"
option in xscanimage.

At this point, I get puzzled. Why xsane have this weird color?

I've tryed to do some tuning, but none of them change this color error.
But the use of ("Use custom gamma correction"), in xsane, changed
something. If I check the option and do an "Acquire preview", it works!
Great! But, in fact, it doesn't work. The scaned image have still the
color problem and worst, all the brightness/gamma/constrast changes
isn't made. Here come an exemple: 

All the test have been made with the xsane 0.84-2 included in the Debian
Woody. Since the actual version is 0.87, I've uninstalled the 0.84
version and compiled[1] the 0.87 one. *Exactly* the same problem.
Since xscanimage don't have the color problem, I assume it's a xsane
problem, then I've posted here. I may be wrong, by the way.

If you want more details (like some debug log files, and so on), don't
hesitate to ask me (and the way to generate it: I've keep the 0.87,
since it work like the 0.84 for me).

Thanks in advance for any clue about this problem.

[1]I've got a problem with the xsane 0.87 compilation: You need
libusb-dev to be able to run successfully the ./configure script. If you
don't have it, it says the sane backend isn't installed (which is
false). It probably means it lack of some libusb-dev installation test.
(as far as I read the confirgure script and config.log, the sane example
program use -lusb as a library...)

Guillaume "LoneWolf" Estival
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