[sane-devel] [Announcement] SaneTwain v1.16 available for download

Herman Kuiper Herman Kuiper <herman@ozuzo.net>
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 13:43:40 +0200

SaneTwain is TWAIN compliant datasource which is able to connect to a SANE 
scanner backend. By querying the SANE backend it builds a GUI which can be 
used to set the options (or capabilities) of the scanner. It offers 
preview, scanning and printing of multiple regions.

Relevant changes since 1.11:

- fixed bug when starting SaneTwain for the first time, the INI
  file wouldn't get created
- added [Connection] TimeOut=value option in sanetwain.ini (value is
  socket timeout in milli-seconds; defaults to 60000)
- added possibility to press ESC to cancel a scan
- added option for starting a preview on first show of window
- added option for not removing selected regions
- the software tries to guess whether there is an option which forces
  the backend to wait for the button on the scanner. If set, SaneTwain
  will show a dialog box before scanning
- allow for dragging the Preview and Options tabs from the main window
  so they can float
- added rudimentary print option for ScanImage.exe [works for me,
  no guarantees for other printers]
- fixed some bugs related to a read-only sanetwain.ini
- fixed some problems with text entry boxes and transfer of focus

URL for more information and download: http://sanetwain.ozuzo.net



Herman Kuiper - m: herman@ozuzo.net - w: http://sanetwain.ozuzo.net
SaneTwain - a TWAIN compliant interface to the SANE scanner backend