[sane-devel] SANE2 standard revisited

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 18:09:57 +0100


I have had another look at the SANE2 standard 0.06:

I have forward-ported the changes that made it into SANE1 to SANE2.
Also some spelling and formatting mistakes and missing references have
been fixed. I haven't done any changes concerning content. The
changebars (or green color in HTML) show the changes against SANE1.

Also I've updatet the TODO list.


Oliver, if you think it's ok you can put the files on your page (or
set a link).

I'll follow-up with content-related comments later.

Should we ask Petter to add a new CVS roo directory sane2 so we can
put the standard and other documentation there? This would make
tracking changes easier and allows everyone to hunt spelling and
formatting bugs. Real changes should be discussed here, however.

By the way: I think we can remove the LEVEL2 from CVS because
everything is either in the standard or in the todo now. Anyone
against this?