[sane-devel] hp-backend, Error during device I/O, Workaround

Peter Kirchgessner peter@kirchgessner.net
Fri, 06 Dec 2002 23:30:35 +0100


a new hp-backend V1.01 has been released. It is available in CVS and at 
http://www.kirchgessner.net .
It adds a workaround for the problems with Buslogic SCSI cards which 
give an "Error during device I/O" during startup. A new option

option dumb-read

is supported in hp.conf.
Without the option, the kernel driver reports an error when an attempt 
is made to read more bytes from the scanner than available (i.e. try to 
read 16 bytes, but only 7 bytes are available).
With option dumb-read, small amount of data is read bytewise until the 
requested number of bytes has been read or an error occurs. If an error 
has occured and data has been received, the error is ignored and the 
data is processed.
Please give the backend a try and report problems back.


Peter Kirchgessner